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Take the CNG converted vehicles

Many users are more concerned about whether affect vehicle gasoline use, power and engine problems after taking CNG converted CNG battery valve experts for everyone doubts:

(1) the conversion process does not change the original car INA bearings, nsk bearings, fag bearings imported bearings, YZR motor, imported bearings, precision linear module structure and route of the the timken bearings Order of the gasoline, the use of gasoline will have any impact. However, if long-term use of CNG, and then use the gasoline fuel consumption will rise, this is normal. EFI car fuel changed an adaptation time, fuel consumption will rise this time. (But if every day to fuel this phenomenon will avoid)

(2) modified CNG vehicles due to fuel change, coupled with the characteristics of the natural gas itself, power decreased slightly, but did not affect normal driving.

(3) CNG converted, the main reason affecting engine life is: the use of natural gas to do the heat generated by the fuel engine is about twice as high than gasoline, so generate temperature is of course much higher than gasoline. Anything life course, will affect the high temperature, the engine is no exception.

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