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CNG vehicles use precautions

1.Driving CNG filling valve modified car traffic on the way in strict accordance with the driving procedures fully estimate the road conditions, road conditions, in order to avoid the car will be overtaking accidents. 2.The stop of the vehicle was moving, you should choose a cool, well-ventilated place to prevent exposure, and away from the fire and heat.

3.CNG / gasoline dual-fuel vehicles in driving, such as found in gas leakage should immediately pull over, turn off the natural gas storage cylinder valves, and then switch to the gasoline car to the tuner for processing, leakage failure to exclude before it can continue the use of natural gas traveling.

4.As moving fire, should quickly turn off the power, natural gas, gas cylinder valves and isolate the source of fire, and immediately a fire extinguisher. In addition, it should quickly the presence of personnel evacuation to a safe place.

5.high pressure gas emissions, on-site non-open flame. long-term fuel gas, each traveling 500Km should burn gasoline to one hour, in order to prevent the fuel system failed.

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