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The difference between natural gas vehicles with liquefied gas car

CNG spray rail experts concluded: Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas can be used as a substitute for gasoline as a motor fuel relative to gasoline, both fuel 30-70% (over the price), cost savings. Natural gas vehicles with liquefied gas car also: 1, the cost of the economy: liquefied gas cylinder pressure is low, only 4 kg, high pressure gas cylinders, liquefied gas bottle is cheaper than gas cylinders. Therefore, the modified liquefied gas car costs cheaper. Gas fuel costs, as the gas prices around each level, a square with one liter No. 93 gasoline heat value than 1.1:1, 1 liter of liquefied petroleum gas and gasoline calorific value than to 1:1.1,1 liters of liquefied gas is equal to 1.1 pounds.

Driving mileage: liquefied gas car once aerated 600-1200 kilometers traveled, the trek, natural gas vehicles once aerated traveling over 200 kilometers.

3, power: liquefied petroleum gas and gasoline power, gas ignition, power and impairment 5-10% compared with gasoline.

4, security: both require dedicated cylinders, than gasoline safety, but liquefied petroleum gas container is a low pressure vessel, the gas container is a high pressure vessel, liquefied gas container safer.

5, the stability of the gas source: natural gas production is affected by season, winter widespread gas shortage problem, liquefied petrochemical by-products, production stability, due to the characteristics of its byproducts, gasoline prices increased production, gas prices will not only fail to rise but will decline.

6, aerated convenient Level: easy or not depending on the local station construction situation, you can use a dedicated filling machine, just one minute to complete the filling. Wider compared to the gas station and gas, liquefied petroleum gas station.

7, modified to increase its own weight: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders weighing 100 pounds.

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